14. Juli 2021 - choreography/ projects

834 sec

Choreography by Alexandra Paal for "make it" at Black Box Gasteig Munich


The duet “834 sec” ask question. Question for myself and everyone on the room. The two performers move while they ask question in german, english and italian which vary from the most banal question to existential ones. 


Wie viele Spagetti sind in einer Packung?

Wann hast du das letzte mal an deine Großeltern gedacht?

Wie fühlt sich vermissen an?

Are you alone?

Per quanto tempo siamo stati lontani?

Wie nah ist nah?


The piece was created in March 2021 searching for answers, longing for closeness in time where we needed to be physically distanced, and the the fight to not give up even if everything seems far away.