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soft waves

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From now on „soft waves“ will take place at Schlossallee, Parkstraße 9, Unterhaching.


This workshop looks at movement of the body through imagination, the connection with others and the surroundings. We will explore how we can be playful within improvisation tasks, with each other and enjoy our dancing bodies.Together we hold a safe space for each other to express, be curious and grow together. We will be moved by soft waves to let go of tension and find new ways we can use our body in space. The workshop uses influence from contemporary dance training, improvisation and partnerwork. Lets find soft bodies of water, move freely and not care how it looks but how it feels.

This workshop is for anyone who enjoys moving their body. There is no need of previous dance experience. Come along and stay curious.
If you want to join just message me.
Where: Schlossallee, Parkstraße 9, 82008 Unterhaching

to book your spot send an email to: info@alexandrapaal.com